The 34th Talisman Exame is the one the protagonists are participating in.

The Exam is to select out suitable candidates to become Talismans.

The examinees can choose to be either Talist or Talister or both.


First TestEdit

varies from people to people and from Talist to Talister.

Second TestEdit

"Draw": To fight against Butcher, gather poinst for hitting him. Yelling draw allows participants to save the point and not lose when hit by Butcher. (However, this is a trap that actually amplifies Butcher's fighting ability.) The resulting point needs to be over 500 in order to pass.


  • Bus stop

Examinees are to gather at the bus stop and take their first test. Each test are different depending on either the examinee is taking 

  • Armburk/Almburk/Almburg Plaza

Participants are then brought to Armburk Plaza for their next test.

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