Minimini cutecute c11

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Ring Blade

Heaven or HellEdit

  • Morphine Bird
    • Temperare Vision
  • Douse Devil
    • Smoke Screen
    • Abyss Bringer
      • Chant: Darkness Darker Than Death


After losing her parents at a young age due to witch hunting, she worked as an assassin to earn her living. She became famous for killing without any guilt or hesitance. However, she became tired of it and started to doubt the just of her path. She quit being an assassin and became a doctor. With her unwavering hands, she became well known once again, this time in a medical field. One day, she enters room 11 and sees a crowd of people gathered to mourn for an elder's death. She questions again what meaning her life had until now. To find the answer, she participates in the Talisman Exam and meets Wingchell and Rinkle, who seem to know the answer to her questions and doubts. While she doesn't really care about being a Talisman, she believes that Wingchell and Rinkle might help from the answer she seeks.


  • Chapter 5: Makes Rinkle unconscious wither her pervertedness.
  • Chapter 12: Her past is revealed